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Business and industry

We offer you expertise for the design and configuration of individual to your needs tailored and optimized HECS-hydrogen energy systems.

Optimize your energy supply sustainably

Self-power-supply with wind and solar power in the areas of business and industry is becoming increasingly important as well as the issue of energy storage. Like batteries hydrogen energy systems are capable of  overcome this challenge.

Hydrogen-based energy systems, however can do more than “only” save electricity. In addition to improved integration of independent power generation HECS also enable

  • offering system services capacity such as to join in the energy provider market,
  • use of generated hydrogen and oxygen for industrial processes,
  • use of waste heat for heating buildings,
  • use of produced hydrogen for mobility  for forklifts or  hydrogen vehicles in the future.

By optimal configuration of each unit in terms of technology and performance as well as exactly tuning the system to the present, time-variable power supply and demand situation, a HECS-hydrogen energy system can be expanded to an efficient and multi-functional supply system of future.