Hydrogen based Energy Complementary System

Hydrogen-based energy storage systems allow seperation of power generation and consumption. This is very helpful in overcoming supply problems typical of renewable energy production.

Hydrogen-based energy storage systems can do more then “simply” saving electricity, HECS can be expanded into multi-functional power stations which provide hydrogen for mobility or hydrogen, oxygen and heat for uses in business and industry.

With HECS HYCON has created a technological platform with which tailor-made system solutions can be created for various energy supply and usage situations. The basic operating principle of HECS is very simple:

  • Conversion of electricity into H2 in an electrolyzer with surplus electricity supply, e.g. out of own electricity-production.
  • Temporarily store the hydrogen.
  • Conversion of hydrogen back into electricity using fuel cells, for example, during periods of inadequate electricity-production or for alternative use of hydrogen in a technical process.

Efficiency and reliability of a HECS system are critically dependent on the optimal configuration of the individual components and the exact tuning with the current energy supply and demand situation.

With our experience, process simulation tools and experimentation capacity we ensure that a HECS system is perfectly tailored to the respective application.

HECS energy storage systems are characterized by:

  • High efficiency.
  • Low-loss storage and high capacity with long-term storage capability.
  • Possibility of dynamic operation for the provision of network services.
  • Flexible provision of demand energy to adapt to the local energy profile.
  • Extraction of hydrogen for mobile applications so as Forklifts.
  • Extraction of hydrogen, oxygen and heat for use in process engineering.
  • A simple and robust technology as a prerequisite for high availability and long useful life.
  • Easy integration into existing energy infrastructure.