independent energy systems

HYDROGEN ENERGY SYSTEMS FOR autonomous power supply

Sustainable and secure energy supply for islands!

Independent energy systems

Everywhere where access to a power supply is not available or where energy security is required during frequent and extended grid blackouts, a HECS-hydrogen energy system can take over power supply.

In combination with photovoltaic generators or wind turbines HECS-hydrogen energy systems can provide a complete power supply.

In 2013 the worlds first HECS system for autonomous power supply of a commercial property was put into operation on site at HYCON. The Wind turbine in combination with a HECS-hydrogen energy system is capable of covering the annual local electricity demand of 250,000 kW/h for the hydrogen application center H2Herten in off-grid operation.

The same amount of electricity would be sufficient to supply electricity to approximately 500 households in the developing world for more than a year and would contribute to the sustainable improvement of living conditions.

HYCON offers expertise for the design and configuration of optimized and self-sufficient energy supply systems specifically for respective energy supply and usage conditions.